Poland vs Austria June 21 2024
Betting Tips & Predictions

Betting Predictions

Our top prediction for the Poland vs Austria match is a draw with under 3.5 goals scored overall.

Draw with under 3.5 goals: Given the defensive strengths and offensive difficulties of both teams, as well as their recent forms and tight ranking within their group, this outcome is highly likely.

Both teams to score: Though Poland and Austria have struggled offensively, both have shown the capability to find the net, albeit sparingly, in previous matches.

Poland to win or draw: Poland's historical performance against Austria and the presence of key players like Robert Lewandowski suggest that Poland has a slight upper hand in securing at least a draw.

Match preview

The upcoming Poland vs Austria match in the Euro Championship Group D is highly anticipated by fans worldwide. Scheduled for June 21, 2024, at the Olympiastadion Berlin, this game is crucial for both teams as they seek to advance past the group stage. Poland, currently ranked 3rd in the group, suffered a defeat in their opening match with a 1-2 loss, showing a form of L in their recent fixtures. Austria, also in a tight spot, is ranked 4th after losing 0-1 in their opener. Both sides share a similar standing, making this clash pivotal. Poland's recent form is a mixed bag, marked by strong defensive play but struggling offense, having scored just once while conceding twice. On the other hand, Austria's predicament is rooted in an impotent attack, having failed to score in their last match while their defense was slightly more robust. The historical context between these sides sees Poland with a slight edge, not having lost to Austria in their last five encounters. With Poland's veteran striker, Robert Lewandowski, leading the attack and Austria relying on the experience of Marko Arnautović, the stage is set for a fiercely contested match. Fans and bettors alike are keen to see if Poland can leverage their stronger historical form against a seemingly resilient Austrian defense.

Head-to-Head Analysis

Poland vs Austria match history features evenly contested battles. The last five head-to-head encounters detail the competitive nature of their rivalry. Poland vs Austria – 0-0 – Sep 9, 2019; Austria vs Poland – 0-1 – Mar 21, 2019; Austria vs Poland – 1-1 – Jun 12, 2008.

  • Poland vs Austria – 0-0 – Sep 9, 2019
  • Austria vs Poland – 0-1 – Mar 21, 2019
  • Austria vs Poland – 1-1 – Jun 12, 2008

Squad Analysis

The key players for the Poland vs Austria match are largely available, though absences could influence outcomes. Poland's squad, led by Robert Lewandowski, is free from major injuries or suspensions, ensuring their attacking potential remains robust. Similarly, Austria's lineup, featuring Marko Arnautović, appears solid without key absentees. Bookmakers reflect this with closely matched odds for both sides, indicating that player performance will be crucial in this tightly contested encounter.

These are the Poland vs Austria June 21 2024 Betting Tips & Predictions.

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