Reims vs Rennes May 19 2024
Betting Tips & Predictions

Betting Predictions

Our top prediction for the Reims vs Rennes match is a draw or a win for Rennes. Rennes' recent form and attacking strength make them a strong contender in this fixture.

Double chance: Draw or Rennes: Given Rennes' slightly better form and Reims' inconsistent performances, betting on a double chance for draw or Rennes is a practical choice.

Both teams to score: Yes: Both teams possess offensive capabilities and have shown vulnerabilities in defense, making it highly probable for both teams to score.

Over 2.5 goals: With Rennes' attacking form and Reims’ defensive issues, the likelihood of over 2.5 goals is high.

Match preview

The upcoming Ligue 1 match between Reims and Rennes on May 19th promises to be an intriguing contest. Reims currently sits at 10th place in the standings with 44 points from 33 matches, exhibiting a mixed form with 2 wins and 3 losses in their last five fixtures. They have struggled defensively, conceding an average of 2 goals per match over this period. Offensively, they have been moderate, averaging 1 goal per game. Rennes, on the other hand, are positioned at 9th place with 46 points, just slightly ahead of Reims. Rennes has shown a more balanced form with two wins, one draw, and two losses in their last five games. They have demonstrated significant attacking prowess, scoring an average of 2.4 goals per game while conceding an average of 2 goals per match. Historically, these two teams have been evenly matched, making this encounter an exciting one to watch. Reims will be looking to leverage their home advantage at Stade Auguste-Delaune, whereas Rennes will aim to capitalize on their slightly better form in recent matches. This Reims vs Rennes match preview showcases the potential for a closely contested battle.

Head-to-Head Analysis

Reims and Rennes have had an equally competitive history with mixed results in their last five head-to-head encounters.

  • Rennes vs Reims – 3-1 – November 26, 2023
  • Rennes vs Reims – 3-0 – April 15, 2023
  • Reims vs Rennes – 3-1 – December 29, 2022
  • Reims vs Rennes – 2-3 – April 9, 2022
  • Rennes vs Reims – 0-2 – September 12, 2021

Squad Analysis

In the Reims vs Rennes match, both sides will have to overcome some notable absences due to injuries and suspensions. Reims will be without V. Atangana Edoa, M. Daramy, and J. Okumu due to injuries, creating gaps in their lineup. Rennes, meanwhile, will miss A. Kalimuendo due to yellow card suspension and M. Nagida due to a knee injury. These absences, particularly in defense and attack, could influence the dynamics of the Reims vs Rennes match, presenting both teams with additional challenges.

These are the Reims vs Rennes May 19 2024 Betting Tips & Predictions.

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